Terms and Conditions

The submitting “Customer” certifies that everything in this application is true and complete. Statements herein found to be false are grounds for immediate termination of the extension of credit. Upon such termination, any outstanding obligations of Customer to Apex Office Products, Inc. (ApexOP), shall be immediately due and payable. ApexOP is authorized to investigate customer’s credit status, to obtain other such information as ApexOP shall require and to disclose any of such information to third parties. Customer hereby agrees to all terms and conditions of this agreement. Customer certifies that he/she has the power to make, deliver, and perform under this Agreement and that the submitting officer(s)or owner(s) of Customer are duly authorized to enter into this Agreement for and on behalf of Customer.

New Accounts - Open account status may be applied for by submitting an Account Application & Agreement, which must be filled out completely and submitted by someone with authority from the said company to complete the application for an open account in order to be processed and approved.

Customers With Open Accounts - Customers with an approved credit line with ApexOP will have terms of Net 10th of the month following purchase. Customers more than 30 days past due may be put on “Shipping Hold” until their account is brought current. Customers more than 60 days past due may be put on “Credit Hold” until their account is paid in full. Past due amounts are subject to late payments service charges of 1.5% per month, which is an annual rate of 18%.

Returned Checks - Customers with checks returned to our bank will be assessed a service charge of $15.00, or 5% of the balance, whichever is greater, for each check returned and will be required to remit the amount within seven (7) days of notification or will be placed for collection. NSF check customers may automatically be placed on a cash or cashier’s check basis.

Terms - All invoices due and payable 10th of the month following purchase.

Sales Tax - Customers are requested to send in a copy of their current sales tax exemption certificate. (Miscellaneous forms are no longer accepted by the Florida Department of Revenue.) Failure to do so will result in sales tax being collected until a current certificate is on file.

Changes - Applicant agrees to send ApexOP written notice of any changes in the form of ownership of applicant’s business within five (5) days of such changes.


Collections - Apex Office Products, Inc. may turn your account over to an outside collection agency if it is past due. If this action is taken, Customer agrees to pay ApexOP reasonable charges and expenses incurred by the collection agency. If credit is extended, I agree to pay all debts incurred within the terms of sale. Should the debt become past due, I expressly agree to pay service fees outlined in this agreement or the maximum permitted under applicable state law. I further expressly agree to pay collection costs and attorney fees incurred in connection with the collection of this account.