Alcohol Inks on Yupo Workshop with Virginia Pennell

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Friday, October 26 9am-Noon

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About this workshop

This class will stimulate your color senses and imagination. It will develop your skills in a new way adding to the depth of your art ability. Alcohol inks work differently than watercolor or acrylic paints on yupo paper. Ink colors are more vibrant and create effects that you cannot duplicate with other mediums. No two paintings will ever be the same. You’ll learn how to move the colors and blend them with different mediums (blender and alcohol), as well as create movement, borders and different styles for each subject. You are only limited to your imagination. The Level I class will focus on how the inks work on yupo, color, (high key vs. low key color) movement and design as well as good composition.


Alcohol Inks

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

Supply List

Keeton’s class package ($25), including the major supplies needed for this class: a pad of Yupo paper (11x14) Pinata inks, Magenta, Sapphaire Blue, Yellow and a Claro Extender blender solution. Assuming you have purchased the class package, these are additional supplies that are MUST haves for the class: 16x20 cardboard or a painting board - thick enough not to bend Alcohol 12 oz. or larger- you must get 90% or better - 70% won't work. Check Walgreens A pair of soft rubber gloves that fit snuggly on your hands. Home Depot sells 10 pair for $2 - blue in color. A plastic bag with a zip closure (a quart size is fine) A plastic straw with a large hole is best A roll of scotch tape 12 cotton ear swabs and a couple of cotton balls if you have them A small size paint brush, chisel edge or point, size 2 or 3 (inexpensive ones) A sharpie pen - black is best, fine line A small plastic container (cheese spread type is fine) Two plastic bottle tops Contact paper if you have it around the house (very helpful, any color is fine- actually better than plain white, but it all works) A fine point pencil or watercolor pencil - blue is best Wear painting clothes - or an apron or smock. The inks STAIN, accidents happen.

Your Instructor

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Ginny has worked and taught in three mediums, oil, watercolor and now alcohol inks. She has been involved with art and painting for over 25 years. She honed her teaching skills with 12 years as an instructor teaching computer software for a major NYC bank and computer company. She has taught art classes privately and publicly in Sarasota for over eight years. She has sold many of her paintings to private clients and at art shows. Her watercolor paintings were featured at the Lakewood Ranch 1M dollar homes showings. Ginny is a resident of Sarasota for over fifteen years and continues to take classes and develop her skills by attending classes with featured instructors in Sarasota, around the country and abroad.

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