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Are You Underserved By Big Suppliers?

Do you miss the 1-on-1 attention to help make the right purchase?

Do you spend too much time dealing with multiple suppliers?

Do you have an actual person to speak with?

Does it feel like pulling teeth when returning a product?

Do your deliveries come in late?

Are you sick of unfriendly customer service?

Apex Supplies Any Size Office

Account Firms



Insurance Agencies

Service Companies

Small/Large Businesses

Attorney/Law Firms


And More!

If your business needs supplies, you need Apex.​

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"Things run so much smoother. It is a pleasure to do business!"


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What Makes Apex So Different?

The Apex way is rare because we shape our business around your unique needs, not the other way around. Thousands of companies have trusted us to keep their business running year after year. But, how do you know if it's worth switching? The answer is to let us prove it to you.


We know how hard it is to find a partner that you trust and have helped thousands of large and small businesses relax knowing we have their best interest in mind. And when we build that trust, you'll stop wasting precious time shopping multiple vendors for the best price, receiving in multiple orders, cutting numerous checks, settling for average service, and hoping everything arrives when you need it to.


Apex was started in 1981 and has been family owned and operated ever since. Our company has been through it all, learning what our customer's value with the emergence of the big box & e-commerce stores. Even when your options change on where you can buy a product, the central theme never changes: you want to be served well, you want to trust whom you spend your money with, and want to know your voice will be heard. Also, simple returns don't hurt either ;)

We aren't high-level executives in a different state who don't have a pulse on your biggest concerns.  We’re rooted in our local communities listening to what our customers tell us, and because of that, we've dramatically increased workplace efficiency for 38 years. 


When you choose Apex, you will:


1. Get one-on-one personalized attention that only a hometown business can give.

2. Lock-in a unique cost savings system that practically runs itself.

3. Quickly get any order size delivered for free.

4. Easily order products for your entire office from one place.

5. Get prompt answers to your product questions.

6. Relax and take care of other important tasks.


In the human experience, we want simplicity and ease. If we're bogged down chasing down the best price, consumed by placing orders with multiple vendors trying to save a few dollars, our energy is spent, our stress levels skyrocket and our capacity for the day is greatly diminished. Once you rest knowing you have a custom plan uniquely built to help your business, you feel better about your purchases and can focus on your most important tasks. Companies that think about long-term savings win. Start an account with Apex and experience the difference. Why? Because you won't know how much time, energy, and money you're wasting until you do it the right way. 

“We were ordering our office supplies from too many vendors. Ordering supplies is simple, quick, and they get delivered fast, so we can spend office hours doing other important tasks”


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Is A Small Business More Expensive?

How do you save money if your Sales Rep doesn’t know your business? How much does it cost you to get free shipping? How many deliveries come in late when you need it the most? How much time are you wasting ordering from too many vendors? How often does your special pricing raise without you knowing? How many times have you ordered the wrong product because you couldn’t get good advice? Big suppliers that don’t serve you well may already be costing you a great deal.

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Easy, free returns on business products. 

Simply keep the box in resellable condition and we’ll fully refund 
and pick up any non-perishable, and non-customizable items.

With Apex, You'll Get:





Free 1-Day Shipping

  • Every Order Qualifies

  • No Minimum Dollar Amount

  • No Yearly Membership Fees​

Custom Pricing Analysis and Plan on Products You Order Most

Dedicated Account Manager

  • 1-on-1 Consultation Always Available

  • Just spend $100 a month



Bonus #1: Regular Business Reviews - Savings Consultation

Bonus #2: Locked-in Custom Pricing

  • Reviewed With You and Your Account Manager at 6 Months and Locked-in Again

Bonus #3: Deliveries set in the exact spot you need them 

Bonus #4: Office Furniture Consultation, Space Planning, and Design 

Bonus #5: Instant Access to Product Advice 


Have a question? 1.800.833.4735